Mskyeye Co, Ltd.

Mskyeye Co, Ltd. is a high-tech company which provides clients with low altitude security solutions. We mainly engaged in development, production and sales of low altitude early warning radar,as well as software development of intelligent low altitude warning control system.

The company is located in Hefei, China. Over 50% of our staff have doctor or master degree, and some are researcher-level experts. Our team members have profound experience in developing and manufacturing military and civilian radar which ensures our technical strength. We have a long-term cooperation with China Electronics TechnologyGroup Corporation in a wide range of product development.

We provide low altitude warning radar (LW - R25), ground surveillance radar (LW - R15) and airport surface movement radar(LW - R5),security control system, aviation obstruction light with different intensity and wind farm animal protection solutionsas well.

Company objective: meet security requirements of our customers and create value for them.

Vision: To become the world's leading low-altitude security solution enterprise