Obstruction Light Control System

Publish Date: 2018-07-02 Views:2696

Obstruction light control for wind farm

With the development of wind turbine technology and increase of its power generation, wind turbines are growing taller and taller, high intensity obstruction lights and marking of wind turbines are needed to comply with air traffic regulations.

The high intensity lights intrude pristine night sky and affect living environment of nearby people and animals, and also they cause light pollution and energy waste.

These problems can be overcome by our radar-based Obstruction Light Control. Our radar monitors wind farm all day and only when there is an aircraft in the vicinity of the wind farm, the obstruction lights will turn on, thus light pollution caused by them are greatly reduced.

With wired and wireless connections, Mskyey’s "OLC" can be connected to the Internet and can be controlled remotely, and the cost for system construction and daily usage is low. Our turnkey solution is the preferred choice of wind turbine generator manufacturers and wind farm developers.

Performance Index
  Software startup time   ≦60S
  Average request response time   ≦3S
  Alert signal response time   <3S
  Number of concurrent users   ≦100
  Number of radar supported   ≦10
  Number of wind turbine supported   ≦200
  Database access security   Local strong password
  Data access security   Row level security
  Data storage magnitude   TB
  Data search response time   ≦1000ms